Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days of Horror-Day 8: The Quiet Ones (2014)

(dir. John Pogue)

*First time viewing

     Inspired by true events, The Quiet Ones centers on a psychologist who, along with two of his best students and a cameraman, attempts to cure mental illness through a parapsychology experiment on a young woman with telekinetic abilities. The film attempts to explore the separation between the occult and science, but these ideas are swallowed up by dry exposition and a muddled plot.

     I was hoping Hammer Films’ work on this would match the same quality as their other recent revival films, Let Me In and The Woman In Black. Unfortunately, The Quiet Ones takes an interesting event and turns it into a lifeless affair, nearly devoid of tension. The biggest issue is the film’s lack of identity. It’s part found-footage and part traditional film, it's part serious drama and part clichéd gimmickry. None of these parts are fully effective, resulting in a film that feels like compromised play at the current paranormal horror boom. While true horror dramas have somewhat fallen by the wayside in mainstream efforts, it’s a shame that the The Quiet Ones couldn’t have taken a risk with the story and delivered something truly memorable. 

Scare Factor: 1/5 There’s nothing terrifying about the The Quiet Ones and even the jump scares lack effectiveness. Despite some solid performances by Jared Harris and Olivia Cooke, it’s a disappointing effort for what could have been a very original and adult horror film.

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